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You have reached to the right place if you relate to any of the 7 points below:

1-      Struggling with your current cancer treatment

2-      You are at the verge of deciding what may be the best treatment option for you

3-      Feeling frustrated with the side effects of chemotherapy and you are ready to explore immunotherapy

4-      You are eager to learn how your immune system works and attain further knowledge

5-      In search of most recent clinical trials

6-      Seeking personalized guidance and expert opinions throughout your cancer journey

7-      You are curious about cutting-edge cancer research and innovative treatment combinations

Empowering Cancer Patients with Evidence-Based Treatment Options.

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What We Know & What We Do

When patients first get diagnosed with cancer, they often feel overwhelmed and afraid of the unknown. Our mission is to shed light on the unknown, overcome that fear through knowledge, and deliver the information in a well-organized and digested form. There is a vast amount of scientific literature and experimental treatments that are emerging on a daily basis that may be challenging for non-professionals to keep pace with and harness maximum benefit. Here at Research Guided Cancer Treatment Consults, we are dedicated to cautiously filtering and optimally selecting novel therapeutic approaches to cater to your needs. Key aspects we keep in mind are how to best reduce toxicity, increase efficacy, and improve overall quality of life. The ultimate goal is to guide patients through their cancer journey, elucidate drug mechanisms, and provide innovative treatment options.  

Here is a list of recent advances that we specialize in and provide expert opinions about:

Disclaimer: At Research Guided Cancer Treatment Consults we are a team of Research Scientists that provide valuable insights and suggestions towards your cancer treatment; however, our opinions are only secondary to your primary care physician, medical oncologist, or radiation oncologist. We do not handle emergency cases that require immediate physical attention, and we do not provide advice regarding insurance matters. The knowledge we deliver stems from evidence-based research and experimental trials nationwide.